US Group of Corporations Desired To Construct Commercial City in Ghana

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Planning of Multi-Purpose Commercial City in Ghana

Planning of Multi-Purpose Commercial City in Ghana:

The US Group of Enterprises has come into an initial contract by the China National Electronic Import as well as Export Southwest Company Ltd to build a multi-purpose marketable city at Dawa in the Dangme West District of the Greater-Accra Area.

The multi-million dollar plan will assist as a one-stop shop for commercial accomplishments, fluctuating from the source of goods from builders through the world, multi-floor state-of-the-art shopping malls, entertaining amenities, housing facilities to schools and hospitals.

To be recognized as the Mediciné Worldwide Commercial City, the commercial city to be accommodated on a one hundred fifty nine acre plot, will also contain amenities such as six thirty -storey high upsurge hotels conjured of two to 5-star hotels, a outstanding shopping mall of 10-storey shops, central park, artificial canals, a sports stadium TV and radio station, yatch and boat services and complete with airplane pads.

The turn-key scheme is planned to start in the first half of the year. The US Group is performing the scheme under the command of an Engineer, Procure Construct and Finance base, with investment from the China Export and Import Bank finance.

The vast commercial and entertaining petition of the MICC also loans credibility to the building of a new international airport at Prampram and linkage the two cities to Accra, which have an access through cheap flight to Accra and offer employment to Ghanaian right from Aflao to Accra.

The MICC is predictable to engender employment for almost 4,000 Ghanaians at the manufacture stage and more than 1 million enduring workers, stretching from the highly skilled workers to abstemiously skilled staffs.

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